Ireland Before You Die TikTok hits 45k followers!

By Katie Morris
September 28, 2022

Ireland Before You Die has been building across numerous social media outlets since we first began building our site in 2014. This month, we are celebrating the fantastic news that we have hit 45k followers on TikTok.

Since we began building our websites in 2014, the growth across the years has been incredible.

As the world of social media started to sway strongly towards TikTok at the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, when COVID was beginning to take over, we decided to build our own profile in 2021.

The rate at which views, follows, and likes came flooding in was a tribute to the popularity of the site. This month, the company celebrates the Ireland Before You Die TikTok reaching an impressive 45k followers.

Ireland Before You Die TikTok – for everything Ireland

Our TikTok page features everything from travel videos across Ireland to some of the most wonderful museums, exhibitions, hotels and more that you can visit throughout the country.

The short snippet videos give an insight into the culture of the company, which is all things Ireland.

The videos themselves reach a vast audience and have accumulated well over two million views collectively.

One of our videos that has done extremely well on TikTok is our exploration of the incredible Slieve League Cliffs in Donegal, reaching nearly 450k views. You can watch the clip above to see exactly what kind of content we serve up.

Whether you’re planning a trip or need some Irish travel inspiration, the Ireland Before You Die TikTok is the perfect place to look.

We hit 45k followers – a cause for celebration

Having built over 560k followers on Ireland Before You Die’s Facebook page since the inception of the site, we are now celebrating hitting 45k on our most recent social media venture, TikTok.

We have been building an audience on the Ireland Before You Die TikTok for over a year now, and it has quickly gained traction ever since.

While the first videos in April 2021 received several hundred views, we quickly had a viral video of over 200k views within just a couple of months.

The video in question is our visit to the beautiful Mourne Mountains in County Down. You can watch it above.

Our other TikTok pages – Meanwhile in Ireland and The World Bucket List

Our logos.

While Ireland Before You Die continues to grow, so do our other sites. On the Meanwhile in Ireland TikTok, you can find some of the most comical Irish content out there.

Whether it’s pranks, a crack at the awful Irish weather, or Irish people doing silly things, we’ve got it all.

Plus, The World Bucket List also has a TikTok page for all your travel needs, and the TikTok page has brought a whole new depth to the site.

With a team of people who love to travel at Emerald Green Media, we use our own travel videos to help you plan your next big adventure.

If you’d like to find out more about our TikTok pages, give us a follow for Ireland Before You Die, Meanwhile in Ireland and The World Bucket List by following the links.

Ireland Before You Die TikTok hits 45k followers!

About the author

Katie Morris is the Assistant Editor at Emerald Green Media. She has travelled and worked across many countries around the world, documenting her travels through writing, pictures, and videos as she goes. Katie currently lives in Belfast and loves to discover new and exciting things to see and do all over Ireland. She studied English at university, gaining valuable experience that she has used throughout her career since graduating.

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