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Outsourced Digital Marketing: Let us be your Marketing Department

At Emerald Green Media, we specialise in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions that not only meet but exceed the dynamic needs of businesses across the UK and Ireland.

Our services are designed to boost your brand’s visibility, engage your audience, and drive conversions, all while saving you time and effort.

With our expertise in outsourced marketing services, we offer flexible packages starting from a minimum of 10 hours per month, ensuring that every minute is optimised for maximum impact on your campaigns.

Why Outsource Digital Marketing?

Outsourcing digital marketing allows businesses to leverage specialised expertise and cutting-edge technology without the overhead associated with expanding in-house teams.

For many companies, maintaining a robust digital presence is essential, but building a team from scratch can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming.

By outsourcing, businesses can focus on their core competencies while leaving the complexities of digital marketing to the experts.

The Importance Of SEO for travel companies

SEO is crucial for travel companies and their websites because the travel industry is highly competitive and heavily reliant on online visibility. According to research, more than 70% of travel bookings begin with a search engine query, and the top three organic results on Google receive more than 60% of all clicks. Therefore, if a travel company’s website is not optimised for search engines, it will likely miss significant traffic and potential revenue.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing digital marketing is highly cost-efficient, allowing businesses to avoid the hefty expenses of recruitment, salaries, and ongoing training typically required for an in-house team. By engaging with an outsourced team, companies benefit from expert services at a fraction of the usual cost, with the flexibility to scale services to their needs.

No Direct People Management (Or Recruitment)

By outsourcing digital marketing, you eliminate the need for direct people management. This frees your business from the financial and time constraints inherent in hiring, training, and managing employees and significantly reduces your HR responsibilities. It also mitigates potential disruption caused by staff turnover and training demands while offering a streamlined and adaptable solution to meet market changes and business growth.

Enhanced Focus on Core Business Functions

Outsourcing your digital marketing to us allows businesses to concentrate on their core tasks and activities without the risk of being sidetracked by marketing strategies. You and your team can then invest more time and resources into the areas that make your business tick, potentially increasing efficiency and profitability.

Our Outsourced Marketing Services

  1. Design for Social Media, Posters, and Ads: Enhance your brand’s visual appeal with our custom designs. Thoughtfully crafted with an eye on impact and engagement, our eye-catching graphics, professional posters, and bespoke ads bring your brand to life and leave a lasting impression on your audience.
  2. Social Media Management: Our expert social media management helps you stay connected to your audience without fuss. We handle everything from content creation to community engagement to help you grow your loyal following and spread your message.
  3. Newsletter Setup and Optimisation: Our beautifully designed and personalised newsletters allow you to reach out to customers directly. Our newsletter service entails setup, content creation, and optimisation to boost open rates and conversions.
  4. Social Video Creation: Capture your brand’s essence with our social video creation services. We cover everything, from short-form reels to comprehensive voiceover videos to craft compelling audiovisual narratives.
  5. Professional Videography Services: Whether you want to capture an event on film promotional material, our skilled videographers and editors bring your story to the screen with clarity and style.

How Our Outsourced Digital Marketing Services Work

Flexible Hourly Blocks

  • Monthly Allocation: Each month, you receive a predetermined block of hours tailored to your marketing needs.
  • Utilisation Flexibility: Use these hours for any tasks from our extensive list, including strategy development, content creation, social media management, and more.

Task Management

  • Client-Directed Tasks: Your wish is our command. You have complete freedom to assign specific tasks within the remit of our services.
  • Independent Execution: Alternatively, you can place your trust in our hands by setting objectives and allowing our team to work independently, saving you time and effort.

Transparency and Reporting

  • Open Communication: We’re always on hand for any questions you might have and promise full transparency with regular updates and consultations.
  • Detailed Reporting: Guage the success of our services with our detailed reports, replete with success metrics.

Continuous Improvement

  • Feedback Integration: Feedback is at the heart of everything we do in-house, and we treat your feedback with the utmost importance to refine strategies and improve outcomes.
  • Adaptability: Our services adapt to market changes and your evolving business needs to ensure optimal performance and relevance.

Why work with Emerald Green Media?

We’re a Belfast-based Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in Travel SEO. We serve mainly clients in the UK and Ireland, but we can work with you if you are located anywhere in the world!

We work with amazing brands

We have worked with a number of excellent brands across the UK and Ireland.


Committed to Community

We take pride in our membership and active participation in these organisations.

Latest Reviews on Google and Trustpilot

Check out our client reviews on Google and Trustpilot.

Andrea A Smith
Andrea A Smith
Read More
When I approach Emerald Green Media, I had not really look at the performance and capabilities of my website. I am so happy with the work they did and the changes have made a difference. I am now aware of what changes to make and with the help of Emerald Green Media and their support I am a happy customer.
Kay Phelps
Kay Phelps
Read More
Wow, what a help your service has been! It's been excellent to gain detailed, unbiased views of my website and how it can be improved. Pleasure working with you! Thanks so much!
Max Hartshorne
Max Hartshorne
Read More
Good People in Belfast I recently had the pleasure of working with a fantastic SEO company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Their expertise and professionalism were truly impressive, and I highly recommend their services for anyone looking to improve their online presence. From the initial consultation to the ongoing support and maintenance, this company was dedicated to achieving our goals and exceeding our expectations. They provided clear and concise strategies for improving our website's search engine rankings, and were friendly during this tough process. Overall, I cannot speak highly enough of this SEO company. If you're looking for a reliable and effective partner to help you achieve your online goals, look no further than this exceptional team in Belfast.


We offer competitive prices for your business needs!

10 hours per month

£ 549
/ Monthly
  • All your design needs
  • Social Media Management
  • Newsletter Setup and Optimisation
  • Social Video Creation
  • Web Development
  • Professional Videography

20 hours per month

£ 949
/ Monthly
  • All your design needs
  • Social Media Management
  • Newsletter Signup and Optimisation
  • Social Video Creation
  • Web Development
  • Professional Videography

35 hours per month

£ 1349
/ Monthly
  • All your design needs
  • Social Media Managment
  • Newsletter Signup and Optimisation
  • Social Video Creation
  • Web Development
  • Professional Videography

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