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Combine The Power of Public Relations and SEO for Your Business.

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Combine The Power of Public Relations and SEO for Your Business

We at Emerald Green Media specialise in enhancing your business’s online presence through comprehensive PR SEO services that we tailor specifically to your brand and market.

This bespoke method combines the power of public relations with search engine optimisation. The results are unparalleled visibility and brand recognition.

Firstly, What is PR-Driven SEO?

PR-driven SEO integrates public relations with search engine optimisation to boost your online presence and credibility. This strategic approach focuses on high-quality content in tandem with media outreach to secure authoritative backlinks from reputable sites.

Digital PR not only has the ability to enhance your SEO results through improved rankings and increased visibility but also helps a strong brand reputation that resonates with your target audience.

The idea is to create a narrative that catches the attention of media outlets and aligns with SEO goals to drive targeted traffic and foster trust and authority within your sector.

The importance of PR for your company

Public Relations (PR) is essential for businesses looking to boost sales and enhance their online visibility. By building credibility through consistent and trustworthy communication, PR helps establish a company as a reliable entity in its industry.

This credibility not only attracts customers but also encourages other websites and media outlets to link back to the company’s site. These backlinks are crucial for SEO, as they improve a site’s ranking on search engines, making the business more visible to potential customers online.

Ultimately, effective PR leads to increased sales by fostering trust and enhancing online presence.

What a PR SEO campaign looks like

Each of our campaigns lasts three months, during which we implement six specific steps to ensure that your PR SEO efforts are effective and achieve the intended results. You’ll get:

1. Tailored Market Analysis

We begin by thoroughly researching your industry and competitors. Our in-depth analysis, in turn, enables us to devise a strategy that not only meets but exceeds your unique business needs.

2. Custom SEO Strategy

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions. A one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t suffice in the ever-changing digital landscape. We meticulously craft our SEO strategies with a focus on deep keyword research, on-page optimisation, and technical SEO to ensure top-tier results.

3. Content to make Headlines!

All this is nothing without quality content. At Emerald Green Media, we focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that tells your story, informs your audience, and positions you as a thought leader in your industry.

Our strategy aims to craft headline-worthy stories about your brand, potentially involving effective publicity stunts.

4. Strategic Media Outreach

Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of media contacts to ensure exposure for your business in significant publications and media outlets.

In addition to the aforementioned headline-worthy news, we craft compelling press releases and pitches that highlight your unique value.

5. Social Media Strategy

Social media is an indispensable tool for amplifying your SEO and PR efforts. Our social media strategies are designed to enhance your visibility, engage with your audience, and drive all-important traffic to your website.

6. Ongoing Monitoring and Optimisation

SEO and PR are not set-and-forget strategies. We continuously monitor the performance of your campaigns, adapting and refining our approaches based on real-time data to ensure optimal performance.

Real Examples

See examples of our work to improve traffic and domain credibility below. 

100% money-back guarantee!

Get a full refund if we fail to secure credible links and mentions of your brand on reputable external websites!

What differentiates us from our competitors?

We have grown our websites from scratch – and together have over 700k followers per month and mostly from search traffic! Our company has developed these websites from scratch, and we still manage them today!

We have a massive network of travel bloggers and contacts in the media – collaborations with travel blogs are essential for growing travel companies. We have an excellent relationship with countless travel bloggers we can partner with on campaigns at the drop of a hat.

Money-back guarantee – Get a full refund if we fail to secure credible links and mentions of your brand on reputable external websites!

We might reject you – because we offer a money-back guarantee, we have to be very selective of whom we work. Once we audit your site in full, we will know if we can get the results you want. If we feel we can’t help you, we may have to say no to help you. It is nothing personal!

FAQs About PR-Driven SEO

PR for SEO combines public relations tactics with SEO strategies to enhance a brand’s search rankings and digital presence by creating backlinks through media relations.

How do PR and SEO work together?

PR boosts SEO by generating backlinks through media exposure and content distribution. In turn, this is a shot in the arm for search rankings and site authority.

What does PR mean?

PR stands for public relations. It involves the management of information and shapes a company’s relationship with the public to foster a positive image.

What is PR link building in SEO?

PR link building involves garnering high-quality backlinks from media, press coverage, and other authoritative sources to enhance SEO and your site’s credibility.

Why work with Emerald Green Media?

We’re a Belfast-based Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in Travel SEO. We serve mainly clients in the UK and Ireland, but we can work with you if you are located anywhere in the world!

We work with amazing brands

We have worked with a number of excellent brands across the UK and Ireland.

Committed to Community

We take pride in our membership and active participation in these organisations.

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Andrea A Smith
Andrea A Smith
Read More
When I approach Emerald Green Media, I had not really look at the performance and capabilities of my website. I am so happy with the work they did and the changes have made a difference. I am now aware of what changes to make and with the help of Emerald Green Media and their support I am a happy customer.
Kay Phelps
Kay Phelps
Read More
Wow, what a help your service has been! It's been excellent to gain detailed, unbiased views of my website and how it can be improved. Pleasure working with you! Thanks so much!
Max Hartshorne
Max Hartshorne
Read More
Good People in Belfast I recently had the pleasure of working with a fantastic SEO company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Their expertise and professionalism were truly impressive, and I highly recommend their services for anyone looking to improve their online presence. From the initial consultation to the ongoing support and maintenance, this company was dedicated to achieving our goals and exceeding our expectations. They provided clear and concise strategies for improving our website's search engine rankings, and were friendly during this tough process. Overall, I cannot speak highly enough of this SEO company. If you're looking for a reliable and effective partner to help you achieve your online goals, look no further than this exceptional team in Belfast.

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