EGM signs exclusive brand deal with Belfast Star Jelvis Pelvis

EGM signs exclusive brand deal with Belfast Star Jelvis Pelvis

By Katie Morris
March 6, 2023

Emerald Green Media signs local star Jelvis Pelvis on a merchandise deal to sell products on the brand-new Meanwhile in Ireland shop.

Meanwhile in Ireland, our site for all things Irish humour, satire, and culture, has launched a brand-new merchandise shop.

For our first collaboration for the shop, we secured a brand deal with Belfast legend and the self-professed reincarnation of Elvis Presley, Jelvis Pelvis.  

Since the products launched on Friday, 3 March, social media went crazy with people celebrating The King of Belfast’s new merch range. Over the weekend, sales on the site blew up.

Exclusive brand deal – available only on the Meanwhile in Ireland shop

You'll only find this merch at the Meanwhile in Ireland shop.

Chances are that if you live in Northern Ireland, you’ll be familiar with the local reincarnation of Elvis Presley that is Jelvis Pelvis.

Jelvis takes to the streets of Belfast in his Elvis get-up, performing renditions of The King’s most famous songs throughout his career at a number of city centre locations.

You’re most likely to spot him outside Victoria Square, right in the heart of the city at what’s known as ‘The Spirit of Belfast’.

As such, we spent the day with the main man himself last week to collect footage and photos for the merchandise launch, now exclusively available on the Meanwhile in Ireland shop.

Emerald Green Media Founder and Managing Director Stevie Haughey has hailed the deal as “groundbreaking.”

He said, “we are delighted to sign a partnership deal with such a loved and well-known star. Since launching last Friday, the buzz on social media has been incredible.

“The sales have started coming in, so we feel this partnership is groundbreaking and will be lucrative for both Jelvis Pelvis and Emerald Green Media”.

Jelvis merch range – t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more

EGM signs exclusive brand deal with Belfast legend Jelvis Pelvis.

To celebrate the much-loved King of Belfast and self-professed Elvis Presley reincarnation, Meanwhile in Ireland has launched a Jelvis merch collection featuring t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more.

Available in black or white, the t-shirts and hoodies depict three images of the main man doing his thing on the streets of Belfast, jiving, signature shades, sideburns, and all.

This merch is available EXCLUSIVELY on the Meanwhile in Ireland shop, so support Belfast’s local legend by getting yours today with a 10% off code JELVISLOVESYOU at checkout while the offer lasts.

The Meanwhile in Ireland shop – a range of products relating to all things Ireland

This exciting new range of merchandise is not restricted solely to Jelvis. The shop will showcase a range of products featuring all things Ireland, Irish humour, and local legends.

The shop also features some products that will give you goosebumps with nostalgia, like the Xtra-vision tee that will bring you right back to your Saturday nights well-spent as a child.

To secure your Jelvis purchase and to check out the rest of our products, head over to the Meanwhile in Ireland shop here.

EGM signs exclusive brand deal with Belfast Star Jelvis Pelvis

About the author

Katie Morris is the Assistant Editor at Emerald Green Media. She has travelled and worked across many countries around the world, documenting her travels through writing, pictures, and videos as she goes. Katie currently lives in Belfast and loves to discover new and exciting things to see and do all over Ireland. She studied English at university, gaining valuable experience that she has used throughout her career since graduating.

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