Top 5 things that make Emerald Green Media unique

By Katie Morris
June 6, 2022

Here at Emerald Green Media, we have a fantastic, tight-knit team, and we strive to make working here as creative and enjoyable as possible.

From exciting team days out to collaborations with Irish businesses and press trips to the possibility of working from home, working here isn’t like working for any other company.

Working with a small, wonderful team, every day is different, presenting new exciting challenges and opportunities for creativity.

To learn more about what it’s like to work for us, here is a list of five things that make our Emerald Green Media unique.

5. Exciting press trips – experiences across Ireland

Press trips are one of the things that make Emerald Green Media unique.

When working for Emerald Green Media, we often get the chance to go on exciting press trips all over Ireland. This includes stays at some of the most incredible, highly-regarded hotels across the Emerald Isle.

A team member could be invited to stay in a beautiful lodging somewhere in Ireland where we are treated to great food and fantastic facilities. Next, we get to write and share pictures of our experience.

If there is a new and exciting experience somewhere in Ireland, we seek to experience it hands-on. We recently had team members be invited to the brand new Game of Thrones Studio Tour in Banbridge.

With plenty of past trips and plenty more in the pipeline, this is certainly one of the things that make Emerald Green Media unique. So, you can rest assured that you won’t be bored working here.

4. Remote working and working from home – it’s all about balance

We strive for a healthy work-life balance.
Credit: Pexels / Yan Krukov

At Emerald Green Media, we understand that balance is crucial. In any given week, your working days could be in our Belfast office, a shared working space, mixed with days spent working from home.

As an added bonus, you can work remotely for any two month period of the year. Simply provided that you give enough notice, this means you can work remotely from anywhere in the world. Imagine setting up desk in a dream location of your choosing. Yes, please!

Plus, our writers are freelance, which means you can work and write for us anywhere in the world. For travel lovers, this is an incredible way to work and live the dream all at the same time.

3. Team-building days – exciting days out with the team

Team-building days is one of the things that make Emerald Green Media unique.

We think team rapport is so important here at Emerald Green Media. Therefore, we will often go out on team building days.

These aren’t just regular coffee date kind of days; we will usually try out an incredible experience somewhere in Ireland as the central part of our day.

Fun days out with the team have included a trip to Fermanagh’s Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail, AKA the Stairway to Heaven. More recently, we tried out Ireland’s longest zipline at Colin Glen Forest Park in Belfast.

You can be sure that a team-building day with us will be one to remember, which is why this is one of the things that make Emerald Green Media unique.

2. A small, intimate team – your voice will be heard

Unlike larger businesses, where some members of the team can get lost in the crowd, we strive to make ours a totally inclusive workspace.

We have just a small number of people working at our Headquarters on any given day. We hold weekly meetings where we discuss our successes and address concerns that anyone might have.

If you have any queries or concerns while working here, you can be sure your voice will not only be heard but encouraged and acted upon.

Emerald Green Media upholds an inclusive, exciting, and creative workspace. We strive to improve our business every day, which is why every member of the team and their opinion is essential here.

1. Collaborations with businesses around Ireland – giveaways and overnight stays

Collaborations with Irish businesses is one of the things that make Emerald Green Media unique.

One of the things that make Emerald Green Media unique is our work with various businesses all around Ireland. Working for Emerald Green Media is exciting because we get to collaborate with so many companies across the island, whether they are independent or larger.

Collaborating with businesses across the Emerald Isle means we often do giveaways on our social media pages to give people the chance to win incredible experiences.

This could be anything from festive giveaways to overnight stays at luxurious hotels and resorts across the country.

We have collaborated with businesses in nearly every county in Ireland. These giveaways invite locals and those from further afield alike to travel Ireland. Thus, giving everyone the chance to experience what this beautiful country has to offer.

Top 5 things that make Emerald Green Media unique

About the author

Katie Morris is the Assistant Editor at Emerald Green Media. She has travelled and worked across many countries around the world, documenting her travels through writing, pictures, and videos as she goes. Katie currently lives in Belfast and loves to discover new and exciting things to see and do all over Ireland. She studied English at university, gaining valuable experience that she has used throughout her career since graduating.

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